Hibiscus Citrus - Caffeine Free

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Tropical and refreshing, Hibiscus Citrus Loose Leaf Tea creates a bright and invigorating cup. Not only is this tea flavorful with orange and citrus notes, it’s high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Coupled with floral aromatics, brewing this cup is an experience from start to finish. Enjoy as is or over sparkling water and ice for a cool and refreshing beverage.



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High in Vitamin C and enriched with orange and lemon citrus flavors, this caffeine-free tea is versatile wherein it tastes great brewed hot or cold. Packed with antioxidants, our Hibiscus tea has many health benefits while maintaining its tropical flavor profile.

Product Details 
Flavor Profile: Floral, Orange, Citrus, Lemon
Common Benefits: Prevents hypertension, reduces blood sugar, liver health
Features: 100% Caffeine free, Loose-leaf

Additional Details
• Hot tea - Yields 43 standard cups per 3oz bag. Approximately $0.28 cost per cup!
• Iced tea - Yields 21 standard cups per 3oz bag. Approximately $0.56 cost per cup!


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