Earl Grey

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Energizing and refreshing, Earl Grey Loose Leaf Black Tea carries the distinct citrus-y flavor of bergamot. Commonly served with milk (or dairy alternative) in a lightly sweetened latte, it can be enjoyed on its own for a light-bodied, flavorful cup.




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Need an energy boost? The Earl Grey black tea not only decreases lethargy but also with its nuanced light citrus full-flavor, helps with weight loss and improves the digestive system. Can be served hot with or without honey, sugar, or milk. 


Product Details:

Flavor Profile: light, full-flavored, light citrus, refreshing

Common Benefits: energy boost, weight loss, decrease anxiety, improve digestion 

Features: 100% Loose-leaf


Brewing Recommendations: Pour 8 oz of water (205° F or just under boiling) over 2 tsp. of tea. Steep 4-5 minutes.

Additional Details
• Hot tea - Yields 43 standard cups per 3oz bag. Approximately $0.28 cost per cup!

• Iced tea - Yields 21 standard cups per 3oz bag. Approximately $0.56 cost per cup!
• 5% of all profits will be contributed to initiatives that su


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